FAQs :: 3. PC - Windows

3.1. What can Fiabee do for me?

Fiabee is a service that allows you to consolidate and bring together into one place all of your data normally spread across the web, multiple computers and mobiles, while keeping the files automatically synchronized for up-to-date on the go access from any of your devices, anywhere you go.

3 Cased of Fiabee to the rescue:

  1. Keep the files you have spread across the web and social networks in one single place.

    Fiabee allows you to centralize your photos, contacts and files that you have in your social network profiles into one single place. Fiabee is compatible with popular online services such as Google Docs, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, etc. Once you’ve linked your Fiabee account to these other accounts, you will have all of the information available in one single place: your Fiabee account.

  2. No need to carry more USB storage sticks - Your files follow you wherever you go!

    Your files will always be up-to-date anywhere you are. Once you’ve installed Fiabee on your PC, you’ll find a “Fiabee” folder under “My Documents”. Any changes you make to the files or folders within the Fiabee folder, will automatically appear on all of the other devices running Fiabee. You’ll also always have access to all of your files from the Fiabee website.

  3. Quickly share files

    Sending files via email is not very efficient, they can bounce because of size limitations or overload email storage quotas. Fiabee allows you to share complete folders or individual files with your contacts with just a simple click. Plus you’ll be able to decide what recipients can do with your files. Fiabee allows you to have efficient control over the information you share with third parties.

3.2. How to install Fiabee on my computer?

If you install the Fiabee desktop application on your computer, you’ll be able to synchronize your local folders and share them with others directly from your PC (if you don’t install the app, you’ll also be able to share files from the Fiabee website).

To install the desktop application:

  1. Access your account on https://www.fiabee.com
  2. Click on “Download Fiabee” and the download will start.
  3. Once the download is complete, click on the executable installation file and follow simple instructions to correctly complete the installation process.

3.3. How to upload files from my PC to Fiabee

Once you’ve correctly installed the Fiabee application on your computer (Windows), you’ll find a “Fiabee” folder under “My Documents”.

Any files or folders that you make or drag into the “Fiabee” folder will automatically upload to your Fiabee account. Any changes you make to these files or folders, will also automatically save in Fiabee.

3.4. How to synchronize my files between my computer and my mobile

If you install the Fiabee for PC application in your computers, using the same account for each one of them, all of the files you’ve saved locally in Fiabee will also replicate automatically in across all of your computers.

Likewise, in order to access your files from your mobile, you’ll need to install the Fiabee application according to the model you use.

This way all of your computers and mobiles are connected and automatically give you complete access to your files across all of your devices.

3.5. Sharing folders with others using my PC

Fiabee allows you to share folders and files with other users. When sharing, you’ll also be able to decide what the user you’ve given access to can do with the files or folders you’ve assigned him, by giving him specific permission.

In order to share folders:

  1. Right-click on the folder you want to share.
  2. It will show a menu; click on “Fiabee Sync” and then on “Share”.
  3. Your browser will open, showing your Fiabee account.
  4. You will access the menu that allows you to manage users and their permission levels.
  5. Type in the email addresses of the users with whom you want to share the folder.
  6. Select the permission level you want to assign to the user you’re sending the invitation to:
    1. See, modify and share: this means the user can edit, change or delete the shared folder and its contents. The changes will also appear in the folder you’ve shared with him. The user will also be able to share the folder at his discretion.
    2. See and modify: the same permission as the previous one, except that this level will not allow the user to share the folder with others.
    3. See: The user will have a local copy of the shared folder on his PC, but any changes he makes to those files or their content, even if he deletes the file, will not be replicated in the folders of the other users he has shared with.
  7. Send the folder sharing invitation and you’re all set.

Start sharing folders with a right-click

Manage users and folder permission levels

3.6. Sharing individual files with others

You can share specific files with others directly from the Fiabee website. In order to do that, just access the Fiabee website and create a share link. Send the link out to anyone and they’ll be able to download it with just one click.

You can set a password and the expiration time for the sharing links, that is set to 72h by default.

Instructions for creating and sending file sharing links:

  1. Login into your account on https://www.fiabee.com.
  2. Click on “Files” on the side menu and find the file you want to share.
  3. Once you’ve found the file, click on the sharing icon:
  4. Optionally, you may set a password and an expiration time for the sharing link.
  5. Copy and paste the link or use Fiabee's mailing system.
  6. When the recipient receives the message, he needs to click on the link in order to download the file.

That said, the best way to maintain full control over sharing permissions is to share folders rather than specific files.

3.7. Recovering deleted files

If you accidentally erase a Fiabee backedup file either on your PC or from your account on the Fiabee website, we allow you to recover within a full 30 days.

Instructions for recovering deleted files:

  1. Access the https://www.fiabee.com website and login into your account.
  2. Select “Deleted Files” from the side menu.
  3. In order to recover a file, just click on the green arrow symbol

List of all deleted files

3.8. Recovering older versions of your files

Imagine you’ve accidentally replaced your file with a new version or need to access information saved in an earlier version. Fiabee allows you to access all previously saved versions of a file, created within the last 30 days.

Instructions for recovering previous versions of a file:

  1. Access the https://www.fiabee.com website and login into your account.
  2. Click on “Files” on the side menu.
  3. Next to the name of the file, look for and lick on the following plus symbol:
  4. You will see a pulldown menu. Click on “View Versions”.
  5. You will see a complete list of changes made in the last 30 days.
  6. Select and download the version you’re looking for by clicking on the following symbol:

Submenu for accessing a list of file versions

Summary of all previously saved versions of the file selected

3.9. Maximum number of files you can upload through Fiabee for PC

The number of files you can save to your Fiabee account is unlimited. However, for the time being, the maximum file size you can upload to your account using your Fiabee for PC app is limited to 2 GB.

3.10. Uploading files and folders that are not inside the “Fiabee” folder

Files and folders outside of the “Fiabee” folder will not synchronize nor upload automatically to your Fiabee account.

Only those files and folders inside the “Fiabee” folder in “My Documents” will update automatically.

You’ll need to move all folders or files that you want to upload or update automatically into the “Fiabee” folder.

3.11. Updating the installed Fiabee version and limitations

Fiabee will automatically notify you when version updates are available. If you accept to install the new version, Fiabee will take care of the rest.

Each individual license allows up to two associated desktop (PC or Mac). If you've reached the maximum, you can create or acquire new individual licenses. If you have any problems send an email to support.

3.12. File Upload/Update when I’m disconnected

You don’t need to worry about file uploads/updates or turning off your computer in the middle of the synchronization process with Fiabee’s servers.

Fiabee for the PC (Window) uploads and updates files automatically, managing any interruptions.

If your computer is turned off or loses the Internet connection, Fiabee will only pick up the upload/update only when the connection is back. Once the connection is recovered, all and any changed files will be updated to the Fiabee server and on all other computers running Fiabee and linked to your account.

3.13. Changing the Fiabee account linked to a computer

Fiabee for computers (PCs) is linked to one single account. If you want to change the account linked to the Fiabee application you have installed, you’ll need to reinstall the application.

All of your computers that are using Fiabee are connected to the same account, so when you update files, they synchronize across all of your computers. If you were to change the linked account, you could possibly synchronize files that belong to other accounts by mistake.

3.14. Fiabee is available in different languages

Fiabee for the PC (Windows) is available in both English and Spanish. You can choose the language during the Fiabee installation process.

3.15. Uninstalling Fiabee

There are two options for uninstalling Fiabee:

  1. Using the default Windows Uninstall default utility
    1. Go to the Start Menu. Click on the Control Panel and then on Programs.
    2. Click on “Uninstall”.
  2. Fiabee Uninstall
    1. Go to the Startup Menu and select Fiabee.
    2. Click un the “Uninstall” option
  3. Send the folder sharing invitation and you’re all set.

Uninstall option from the startup menu

3.16. Can I have two different Fiabee accounts in the same computer?

No, you cannot have your computer linked to two different Fiabee accounts.

But you can access a different Fiabee account than the one assigned to your computer, by accessing it through the Fiabee website. Just open your browser and access using the login of the other account.

3.17. Changing the location of your Fiabee folders

You can move your folders, but you should always remember that Fiabee for the PC will only update/upload files and folders that are inside the main “Fiabee” folder. If you take a folder out of the “Fiabee” folder, the data inside the folder will no longer be updated with your Fiabee account.

3.18. Adding files to your Fiabee account

Once you’ve installed the Fiabee application on your PC or laptop (Windows), a “Fiabee” folder will appear in “My Documents”.

All files found in the “Fiabee” folder will automatically synchronize with our servers. This means that all of the files you have in your “Fiabee” folder will also be available on all of your other computers running Fiabee.

3.19. How can I see if a folder is shared, with whom and what permissions I have assigned?

You can see that a folder is shared when there is a two-person icon next to it.

The permissions assigned to the folder vary depending on the type of two-person icon you will find:

  • If you are the person who’s shared the folder (you are the “owner”), you will see two figures, one in red and one in blue.
  • If the folder was shared with you (another words, the other user is the “owner”), then both figures will be blue.

Instructions for viewing permissions assigned to the shared folders:

  1. Access your account on https://www.fiabee.com.
  2. Click on the icon that appears next to the folder we want to review.
  3. Then click on the “View shared folder info”.

Shared folder info menu

Shared folder permissions menu

3.20. When are files updated on my PC?

Fiabee automatically updates files on all computers where you have Fiabee installed and linked to your account. Any changes that you make to files managed by Fiabee, will automatically update across your devices.

You’ll know that Fiabee for Windows is updating your files when you see the following symbol over the Fiabee logo:

3.21. Making changes to my personal account information

If you want to make changes to the email address or password linked to your account:

  1. Click on the arrow symbol, in the upper righthand corner, next to your email address.
  2. In the pulldown menu, click on “My Account”
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen to make changes to your contact information and password.

Menu for making changes to your account information

3.22. Pausing file updates and uploads

If for some reason you prefer not to update or upload your files, Fiabee for PC (Windows) allows you to pause file synchronization.

Instructions for pausing file synchronization:

  1. In the Start menu, right click on the Fiabee icon.
  2. Select the “Pause” option.
  3. In order to resume synchronization, go to the same menu.
  4. Click on “Resume” and Fiabee will begin updating your files.

Pausing Fiabee synchronization